January 17, 2003, 8 lbs 4 oz

I first met Valerie in the spring of 2000. I was training to be a doula when my sister in law came to me with the news that she was expecting. She was 19 at the time and did not want to go to a doctor. Through a mutual friend, another doula, I was introduced to Valerie. Denise’s birth was so successful and beautiful. I was so inspired by Valerie; she was so caring, nurturing, supportive and understanding. After having only attended births in hospitals and birthing centers, I was motivated to learn more about homebirth and traditional midwifery. Valerie and I formed a beautiful friendship that continues today. Two years later I became pregnant with my third child and I immediately called Valerie and told her that I didn’t trust anyone else with my body! After having had my first child in a hospital and my second in a birthing center, I knew I was ready for a homebirth. My friendship with Valerie grew during my pregnancy. She was not only my midwife, she was my confidante and a great source of support.

This would be my first delivery since becoming a doula. I was really excited to go through labor knowing what I know now! The night my labor began I handled the labor as long as I could with my partner. I called Valerie around 5:00 am; when she arrived I was already seven centimeters! Within two and a half hours of her arrival, with Gail, I gave birth! I had a beautiful 8 pound 4 ounce baby boy! My labor and delivery was normal, natural and beautiful, the way the creator intended. Valerie and Gail were so in tune with each other; it was as if they knew what each other were thinking without having to speak. I felt completely safe, supported and loved by everyone present at my birth.

Valerie recently helped my sister have a beautiful homebirth last summer and just last month my sister in law Denise had her second child with me as the doula. Her birth was unique because she had to be a transferred to a Hospital. However Valerie and I were with her the whole time and it was more like a homebirth than a Hospital birth. Valerie has become “our family midwife”. She has been a fount of knowledge for me in my path as a birthing professional. I have since become certified as a Lamaze instructor and am currently finishing my BA in Maternal and Infant Development. Any woman would benefit greatly by having Valerie and Gail as part of their birthing team. The lessons I learned from them as a woman, mother and scholar will be with me forever.
Thank you Valerie and Gail, I love you both dearly,
Keep up the God work!