as seen in the Rockland Journal-News ‘Thank You Letters’

To the Editor:
At 7:30 on the morning of Tuesday, July 2nd, I found myself in hard labor with our second child. Our plan was to travel from our home in Montebello NY, to White Plains Hospital where our older daughter Katie was born 4 1/2 years ago.

My husband and I had numerous discussions about our wishes for this birth, but never considered a birth in our home. Upon speaking to our midwife in White Plains, it was clear that I would not make it over the Tappan Zee bridge during rush hour. Alternate plans had to be made.

In preparation for the birth, we had taken Bradley Childbirth classes from Gail Cirone, in her class we learned that she also assisted a Rockland based homebirth midwife.

My husband called Gail to seek her assistance. Within twenty minutes Gail arrived with Valeriana Pasqua-Masback, a certified Nurse Midwife. It had been a very hectic stressful situation up to that point, but then Valeriana and Gail took over. We were not set up for an in-home birth, but they came well equipped and made the necessary adjustments. Their calm and professional demeanor was comforting and gave me a confidence in their abilities. Their approach, which is not to medically intervene unless necessary, coincided with our wishes.

Thirty-six minutes after Valeriana and Gail’s arrival, Eliza was born. Valeriana did a thorough check of both mother and baby, and gave us both a clean bill of health. We never had to go to the hospital, and were able to remain home and stay together as a family and bond during this precious time.

What started out to be a very fast and intense labor, ended up being a wonderful experience with fond memories. If I were to have another child I would go the homebirth route.

Thanks Val and Gail

Melissa Turk, Suffern