biogayla-01-1Gayla Cirone has worked for more than twenty years with couples and individuals exploring the journey of pregnancy, birth and beyond. She was first certified through the Bradley Method of Childbirth and as a birth doula through DONA. Gayla worked with Valeriana as her midwifery assistant for 18 years. She currently practices as a Certified Lactation Counselor, supporting women during their breastfeeding experience. Gayla continues to provide HomeBirth Midwifery clients with doula services, childbirth education and lactation support.

“Life is a continual ceremony. We move from one transformative process to another. As each person is unique in character and personality, so too is the miracle of birthing. There is not just one way to give birth. In birth we experience challenges, pleasure, pain, spiritual growth, joy, and love. Trusting the process, believing in the mystery, are part of the journey one takes through pregnancy to birth.”

Gayla’s gift to women is priceless! If you would like any info about her services please, email her.