A Homebirth after Caeserian

I’d been frustrated by sporadic: “Is this labor, or isn’t it?” feelings for about two weeks. At my last Midwife appointment I broke down when she said, “next Tuesday.” I did not want to be pregnant next Tuesday. She suggested that I go see a homeopath that would help even things out and put labor on the right track. On Friday, Michael and I called and made an appointment to see the homeopath, stopped off for lunch and then headed up to see her. I’m so glad we did. She prescribed Ignatia amara in 3 doses – it was to help put me in steady labor and help me to release my control issues. I had never been over 40weeks and was starting to panic about possibly being induced and ending up in the hospital again. After the first dose in her office, I was more at peace and felt that the contractions I was feeling was making more progress. I had no fear of them going away.

We went home, I sent Michael out to get groceries while I hung out with Kaia and did some last minute cleaning. I asked him to pick up a whole chicken because I figured we would need food for the midwife, her assistant and my doula, if I went into labor. I prepped the chicken, had one last fight with Michael, lol, then went to bed. I woke up at 2am in labor and couldn’t go back to sleep. They were about 6 minutes apart, lasting for about a minute. After an hour we called our doula and while she got on the road, Michael and I went downstairs, I put the chicken in the oven and he put some rice in the cooker. Our doula showed up in 30 minutes while we were sending some last minute emails cancelling Michael’s gig for that day. We started to play scrabble (I really wanted to play and thought it would help me focus). It was just Michael and me while our doula monitored my contractions so she would know when to call the midwife. I was winning!!:D The contractions were manageable and then at about 7 am, they weren’t. I couldn’t talk through them and couldn’t concentrate on scrabble anymore. We did a lot of different positions and vocalizing and Michael called Chris, his sister-in-law to come get Kaia and we continued to labor.Michael did EFT which really helped with the pain – tapping meridiens on my body, after a while that wasn’t helping and the double hip squeeze that my doula was doing wasn’t helping and I kept saying I had to poo. My midwife was already on her way and Michael had already filled up the tub, so after the next contraction we went upstairs and Michael got in the tub with me. I felt the urge to push with each contraction and was so amazed by the sensation of Luca moving into position with each push. At one point as I was pushing her head out I felt myself tear, so I stopped to adjust and that’s when the midwife told me she was still in her bag of waters. I could also feel her body turning like a key in a lock. I think I said, “this is soo cool.” I pushed a couple more times after the midwife noticed she was a bit blue and out she came still in the caul. The cord was around her neck so they had to get her pinked up and then she was in my arms, still attached. We got out and delivered the placenta shortly after and she nursed. The midwife stitched up my tear, gave me some arnica and we all relaxed for a bit. This entire experience was so great, so amazing. I’m so glad I got the opportunity to experience it. So different from Kaia’s birth, but every bit as amazing. I am so proud of my body and my resolve to birth my way, and thankful that I had the people around me who supported me in that decision.