Hello NY Homebirth Community,

It is with great pleasure that I share the news of the birth of Niamh Esther Malloy-Hopwood, born at home on November 4th. 8 lbs, 1oz. (pronounced “Neeve”). It was my longest labor, by far. Much stair climbing and dancing and working through hours of challenging contractions. At last though, Niamh made a super speedy trip through the birth canal and landed in a circle of magnificent women on this side of birth. Valeriana attended with her usual grace and skill. I am forever grateful for her loving care.

I’ve attached a few photos from the moment I met my daughter. As she was born, Valeriana placed her below me, allowing for the truly breathtaking experience of being able to see, touch and study my daughter before I gathered her in my arms. I feel particularly blessed to have experienced this moment as it is something I’ve been thinking quite a lot about. In fact, I am happy to say that an article I wrote about seeing this pause at a birth last year with Valeriana (following a workshop by Karen Strange), will be published in the next few months by the Journal of Perinatal Education. I am attaching a draft and would love any feedback you have… and hope you will share the piece with clients once it is out (it will be available online as well as in print). I am putting together a blog to collect stories from new parents about slowing down the moment of birth in this way. I’ll give you more info once it is up.

Just a reminder that I’ll be back on 14th street teaching another homebirth series starting early January. It will be appropriate for parents with March, April and May due dates. The next homebirth-only series will start in March. I’ll send a reminder in a bit with more details.

Thanks so much and I hope you are all well!

A very happy Mama Mary Esther