March 16, 2006

Dear Valeriana, Vicki, and Gail,

I can’t tell you how much your participation and help in our I can’t tell you how much your participation and help in our homebirth means to me. I certainly wasn’t prepared for the 28 hours of labor and know that I couldn’t have made it without all three of you! Thank you!! When I think back to those hours I realize that I didn’t truly know the miracle that came at the end of it all…a beautiful little girl! During and even directly after the birth I kept thinking, “I will never do this again!!” I truly didn’t believe that the end result would even happen much less deliver such a wonderful child. What fear I had!! I have to tell you though, that despite my fear and misgivings, I always knew in my heart that the fear and pain were not leading me towards any dangerous place. And somewhere along that twisting journey (did we play twister?), that you Valeriana, brought me to the right place of peace and surrender that allowed Rhys to come into this world and our home at last. I am so thankful that Rhys and I were able to remain safe and healthy throughout the pregnancy, labor, and birth; having her at home has been an incredible experience for us, and I hope that we are able to birth our next children at home with you!

With Love and Gratitude,

Christina, Holt, and Rhys Price