Birthing a dream…

It was the first time in my life that I felt clear, my heart was on fire;
I was grounded and determined to pursue my dream. I am grateful to the passion that moved me to fulfill my vision of being a homebirth midwife, assisting women in the birthing process in a respectful way that is empowering and honoring. I am now at a time in my life when I am tending to my calling, doing my work, and loving it. When I look at the bigger vision of humanity, I feel that I and all other home birth midwives are in service to the earth, to future generations, for each child whom I assist into a world of love and consciousness brings healing. I believe the bumper sticker that says “Midwives: Changing the World One Baby at a Time”. My work is my individual contribution to that end. After graduating from nursing school in 1975, I was a labor and delivery nurse in New York inner city hospitals, caring for low-income, high-risk women. After many years, I took some time off from nursing to raise my family as a stay-at-home mom.

bio-valerianapassquamasback-02In 1985 I was fortunate to meet two homebirth midwives and for the next five years served as their apprentice/assistant prior to attending midwifery school at Columbia University. I graduated in 1992 and for the next three years was part of the midwifery team at North Central Bronx Hospital, which had, and still has, the lowest cesarean section rates in the country! When you work at a hospital like North Central and learn what high-risk is, you become very comfortable with what normal is.

In 1995 my husband Kevin and I moved our family out of the city to Chestnut Ridge, NY so we could send our children to the Green Meadow Waldorf School. My children are Montana, a musician living in NYC, and my equestrian daughter, Isabel. Soon after, I began assisting families who wanted home births. I’m licensed in New York. Presently, my practice provides home birth and holistic well-woman care. I also lecture on home birth, run workshops and study groups on natural family planning and alternative women’s health.